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Our Solutions

Copy Trading Bboss Company

Trading Bots

Our Bots Trade Synthetics Indices. They are available in multiple versions along with Configurations based on your risk choice.

Secure & Reliable

No Extra Fees, Instant Follow-up

Licensed & Regulated

Easy To Use

Copy Trading

Our Copy Trading system is unique. You don’t have to copy and paste other people’s trades. Just connect your Deriv account to our system and the entire process is done automatically and regularly.

Fast and Easy to access

No download or installation is needed

Copy Trading

Profitable and Reliable

Available Worldwide

Investment Program

It takes four easy steps to start making profits from our investment program.

Create a free account within a minute by filling few required pieces of information.

Make a deposit to your BBoss account using your preferred payment methods.

Lets our team put your money to work using our professional trading bots

Withdraw your profit anytime you want to. Withdrawals are processed manually.

You don't need a trading account, our team is active to manage your investment in the best was possible

This is the easiest way to make money without big capital and without work. Just deposit and let your capital work for you.

Buy/Sell & Exchange

Buy/sell and exchange your digital coins at the best rates with our powerful exchanging system. 

Buy e-Coins

Choose from dozens of payment methods to buy your preferred cryptocurrencies and more…

Sell e-Coins

Sell your cryptos in exchange for dozens of payment methods depending on your choice.

Exchange e-Coins

Exchange your cryptocurrencies from one to another fast with a very low fee

Fully Controllable Process

The exchange system gives you full control of your account and operation. You can easily check your transaction stats, total operations, and much more. Your account profile can also be customized as you want.

Manage your profile

2FA Protection

Multi-device Compatible

It won't take you 5 minutes to get started

Just three easy steps and you’re ready to go

Source: CurrencyRate

Affiliate Program

Earn up to 20% commission across all our offers. It can vary based on which offer you choose to promote.

Easily track your activities and earnings with a modern, intuitive, and unique dashboard

Various offers to promote. We have 5 stars rated products, services, and offers. Promote your preferred.

Get access to hundreds of promotional tools such as banners, guides, unique links, and much more

Refer and Earn to increase your revenue

Get your unique referral link and start earning money by promoting our tools and services

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